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Need a Brand New Mitsubishi Car??



Montero Sport 2014


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What about playing Golf??

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We had a Mitsubishi Duty last February 12, 2014 that was held on Manila Golf. I really enjoyed our duty. Mitsubishi was one of the sponsors for the golf tournament. “Hole in one” number 11 (Pajero). We had lots of fun there, but I was wondering playing golf is too hard. What makes it special to rich people? I heard that membership costs 30 million. Wow! :)

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Thank you Lord for my Birthday :)

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All thanks to Almighty God for granting me the grace to see another year added to me in peace, joy and happiness..

On my special day I wish to find the real one, I mean the God’s will for me..
Thank you for all my Family, Relatives and Friends who’s always been there for me..

Happy Birthday to me :) Let’s Celebrate! Cheers!

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Aetas Philippines (Let’s Help Them)


Yesterday we came from Tarlac Pampanga, from there we have seen the bad situation of Aetas, lack of food, clothing and water to drink. Our group was aiming to help these kind of people. I am very proud to be a part of a Rotary Club also to our Church (The Eternal Word Ministires), from there In my simple ways I can help them by donating food and some clothes for them.

For those who are interested to help Aeteas please help them. Thank you and God Bless you all!

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