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I’m Back :)


How are you? It is so nice to be back! It’s been a long time since I’ve updated my blog. Got very busy doing my job. This photo was taken last year when we’ve celebrated our Christmas Party. I posted this photo because for me, I should celebrate to have a time writing here again. (Finally)

I have missed all of my friends here! I hope to hear from you again guys! Have a great day and God Bless!

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Need a Brand New Mitsubishi Car??



Montero Sport 2014


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What about playing Golf??

Latest Pic

We had a Mitsubishi Duty last February 12, 2014 that was held on Manila Golf. I really enjoyed our duty. Mitsubishi was one of the sponsors for the golf tournament. “Hole in one” number 11 (Pajero). We had lots of fun there, but I was wondering playing golf is too hard. What makes it special to rich people? I heard that membership costs 30 million. Wow! :)

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Thank you Lord for my Birthday :)

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All thanks to Almighty God for granting me the grace to see another year added to me in peace, joy and happiness..

On my special day I wish to find the real one, I mean the God’s will for me..
Thank you for all my Family, Relatives and Friends who’s always been there for me..

Happy Birthday to me :) Let’s Celebrate! Cheers!

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