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I am a Driver ^_^


Hello and good morning to everyone! Driving is one of my favorite thing to do.. It really feel so good to drive! Guess what? I can drive a manual transmission :) Though we don’t have a car I am proud that I can drive.. Have great morning!!

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Importance of our Family..


I love my family so much, I love my thoughtful mama, loving papa and very understanding brother ^_^ We should give more time with them spend a happy moments with them. They will never leave us in times of trouble.. Thank you Lord for our best family in the whole wide world.. Though we had a simple life, it’s okay.. The most important thing is, we don’t fight and we love each other..

Have a great Monday!

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Friends may come and go..


Despite of all trials in life.. Never give up.. Even your friends left you in the middle of your battle don’t get mad. Take it as a challenge to do it all by yourself..

“I’m okay today. I’ll be okay tomorrow. And the next day after that I’ll still be okay. But in a year you will see me, I’ll be amazing.”

Let your friend see what you can do without their help 😉
Have a great weekends! God Bless!

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One way to relieve Back Pain ;)


Hello there, Everytime I feel tired, I usually use this kind of Back Pain reliever. It can really help me to relax and it feels good. I’m glad my Mom bought this kind of machine. I hope you can try it too :) Good Night everyone!! Have a good Sleep..

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