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Takai Pinay Prostitute

  • 2008-01-01 (Tue) 8:58
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Hello to all of blog viewers, I know not all filipino are happy this new year. Because some of them, They dont have enough money to spend their needs for their family wants. Like signatured clothes, car and everything. They are not contented on what they have. That’s why they need to work this kind of job. She is my friend and her name is Bea. She needs to sell her body just to buy all she wants and also to support all her family. Many people call her job as Escort Service. A big time prostitute where in all of her customer is rich or should i say not ordirnary man. She told me that having this kind of job is not easy. Because most of the time their customers are involve in politics. Which means, Not just for fun, this is a very serious matter.

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amie 08-01-01 (Tue) 9:19

bea is not real name only hidden name (^_^) hmmm.. nice body friend.. hehehe

katsu 08-01-01 (Tue) 13:53

All the women like and do not become to prostitute. It may be happy to entrust body to the person of the person or type who like. need Heart….

amie 08-01-01 (Tue) 15:33

opo (^_^) you are right po.. happy new year po..

Anonymous 08-08-06 (Wed) 21:01


ondi 08-08-26 (Tue) 5:03

tang ina mo ndi kana virgin kantutan tau try lang

Amie 08-08-27 (Wed) 4:03


olivia varona 08-10-15 (Wed) 15:19

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Amie 08-10-15 (Wed) 21:36

hello.. thank you for your comment (^_^)

botbitz 08-11-24 (Mon) 18:28

hi amie can u be my fren”bu da way im boybitz dis my cel number 09187229999 txt ka ha..yngat..

amie 08-11-25 (Tue) 0:05

thank you for your comment.. take care and have a nice day!

jasper 08-12-09 (Tue) 12:47

ano number tawagan ko i’ll pay…..

amie 08-12-13 (Sat) 10:40

hello.. how are you toady sorry for late reply..
hmmm.. you will call her? May i know your last name first? thank you..

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