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Filipina Sexiest Woman

  • 2008-01-19 (Sat) 15:40
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Hello and Good day to all of you! Do you know the number 1. sexiest woman here in Philippines? Her name is Kathrina Halili. In this picture she is wearing Leopard or Tiger Bathing Suit. In FHM, She became the famous because of her beautiful curve in her waist and perfect Vital Statistic size of 36′ 25′ 36. She has the perfect hot face that really matches to her body. And the other are her friends. Wearing red Ms. Ara Mina, Stripe Black and White Ms. Sheree and All Black is Ms. Tuesday. Also in featured FHM magazine. They are all sexy..

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amie 08-01-19 (Sat) 23:13

for once i like to try wear like that (^_^) but they will laugh at me.. hihihihi
I have muscles kase po..

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