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Philippine Sex Scandal..

This past few days one of the most controvercial news is about the Sex Scandal of former Philippine FHM Sexiest woman 2006 and 2007. Her sex video with Mr. Hayden Kho. As a woman we really feel sorry for Ms. Katrina Halili, Because for us we don’t have to make fun of it. Instead we have to help Katrina for coping up because she is only a “victim”. If you watch all of her video she look so nice and very sweet. All of her actions is an act of a real lover not just for fun.. So she doesn’t deserve this…

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boy 09-05-24 (Sun) 20:19

hi aimee kmst ka na?
hope u well.
i saw that video with DVD here in manila. many DVDs were in sale near Caps church at last friday. i dont hve any comment abt it. becouse i dnt know abt her.
by the way, i visited mayon volcano and taal lake in these weeks. i attached pics here.
hve a nice day.

oh! i cnt attach it. maybe becose im makin comment with celphone now. sorry. ul be able to c it on my FS in Jun. haha
ingat lagi

amie 09-05-25 (Mon) 11:17

Hello po (^_^) thank you very much for visiting my blog..
so nice to hear you visit that place too.. It’s very nice isn’t? One of good spots here in PHilippines.. Thank you again and always take care po.. Have a nice day..

Cliane 09-05-26 (Tue) 7:13

Hi amie musta na!?
Katrina halili yan diba!
Kawaiso ne.
By the way always take care
And keep your beauty hehehe..
God bless

amie 09-05-26 (Tue) 14:52

Clianne, How are you?

Malaki ang scandal ni Katrina Halili.. One of biggest issue here in Philippines, and nakaka awa talaga sya! hehehe.. chismis daw ba.. Ingat ka lagi dyan and God Bless..

Home > For Adults Only > Philippine Sex Scandal..

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