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I am a Filipina, Animal Lover (^_^)

I really like this cute monkey (^_^) she is so nice.. She like me too hahahaha!

I love Birds.. I believe all animals are one of the perfect creature made by our God..

I want to have this kind of pet.. So interesting creature..

For me, animals can make us feel better, They can understand and they can feel us too.. I really thank God for creating this wonderful creature..

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TAK 11-05-24 (Tue) 2:24

Hi ! This is TAK.Sorry,I’m not good at english but speak english
very hard. Please understand my english.
Well,you’re working at mnl zoo ?What animal do you like ?
I keep the big dog.His name is Henry and 7year’s old.
I love him,like my son.I sometimes go to philippines for travel.
I’ve been to mnl zoo 2times.
I’ll come to put a comment here again. Thank you !

amie 11-05-24 (Tue) 9:36

Hello, Thank you very much for visiting my blog Mr. Tak, How are you? I know Manila Zoo but that place is AVILON ZOO.. One of the biggest zoo in Asia just new one, You can take photos with them because they are so nice and friendly.. I love all kinds of animals.. I can’t explain it but for me they are all friend to me (^_^) I have 1 Labrador Dog and her name is Chocolate, I have 2 cats, their name is Kinkoy and Lupin.. And i want to have 1 monkey and i will give her name Aimee hahaha! So that when my mom call me, the monkey will respond to her hahaha! nice idea isn’t? Thank you again and have a nice day!..

TAK 11-05-25 (Wed) 1:47

Miss Amie,Thank you for the reply.Avilon,I didn’t know that….
We can touch them,wa..ooh.I wanna go there near future.
By the way,you have a labrador,Supriseing,because I also
same kind of dog and his son Wikky is working at Makati
Shangri-la entrance for sniffing dog now.
You may ask my name TAK to any employee in Makati
Shangri-la hotel .Even though,GM.Hahaha but not joke.
I took Wikky to mnl when he was 3 months from tky.
But problem is,TAK is not my real name.OK,I’ll be there
June 26 th 6pm on time.Take good care of yourself !

Amie 11-05-25 (Wed) 8:25

Hello! Thank you very much for visiting my blog again.. Wow! That’s nice, So how’s Wikky? Those kind of dogs are very smart they can understand many things.That’s the reason why i love animals, i can feel that they can feel and understand us too.. I hope you’ll enjoy your vacation here, are you going to visit Wikky (^_^) Please always take care and i hope you can visit AVILON ZOO and take some photos with those friendly animals (^_^) Have a great day..

amie 11-05-25 (Wed) 8:35

Hello! Good day to you Mr. Tak (^_^) How’s your day? I hope you are always fine, Wow! that’s very nice, so how’s Wikky? How old is he or she? Those kind of dogs are very smart.. Me and my Dogs we always play.. But her favorite part is eating her food hahaha! Wow, you told me your exact date and time, is that your arrival in airport? expect me to be there! hahaha 😀 just joking.. I hope you’ll enjoy your staying here in P.I Please visit AVILON ZOO if you have time.. Always take care and Have a great day!

TAK 11-05-26 (Thu) 7:59

Good morning ! I’ll be Makati shangri-la june 26th 6pm.
I’m gonna stay there for one month.
Wikky is boy and 2years old. Very smart and friendly.
I hope you come to see me there Makati shangri-la if you could!
To tell the truth,between tky and mnl,come and go for once a two
month.You may ask Precious or Mimi about me,they’re always
standing on the lobby for GRO.They’re one of my friends in mnl.
By the way,I don’t wanna think about typhoon Ondoy,you live in
Marikina right ?It was very terrible.
Have a nice day!

amie 11-05-26 (Thu) 10:15

Hello! How are you Mr. TAK (^_^) Wow! You are going to stay here for a very long time for 1 month? Is that for a vacation or a business job? Well. that means anata Philippine veteran desu yo? hehehe Kumusta ka? I’ll try if i could, Yes.. I don’t want to remember that typhoon it making me sick :-( hehehe.. Thank you so much and Hope you’ll gonna visit my blog always! Take care..

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